Movie Memory-Ogushi Mine, Town on the Clouds-


Product Information
The Ogushi mine site is a sulfur mine site located at an altitude of 1650 meters in the mountains of Tsumagoi Village, Gunma Prefecture.

Beyond the exclusion zone, the remains county is quietly present in the magnificent nature that makes you forget that this is Japan.

More than 30 on-site photographs taken with permission have taken 14 years to fully record the remains and natural scenery that exist in the Ogushi mine.

The mining district in the mountains built by people is also returning to nature with the passage of time.

This product is recorded with a loud sound.
It makes it easier for elderly people to hear conversations. There are no subtitles in the words due to the intention of the production, so you can have a realistic experience.

This work is not just for watching.

The projected image is the scenery that you visit and spread in front of you.
The work we always keep in mind is not "shown" like a TV window, but "like being in the field" when you watch it.

The remains of the Ogushi mine, which is closed by deep snow in winter, are engraved with many industrial remains and footprints of people& lives.
It is composed of 100% scenery of Ogushi with no extra telop.

Let& leave for the deep mountain Ogushi mine site with this work!

In the movie, it is a work that unravels the past and present based on the scenery of this present Ogushi.
I will draw with a huge amount of materials such as beautiful remains, testimony videos of people who lived there, and photographs of those days.
It& a new kind of work that you can listen to while visiting the remains of the Ogushi mine instead of being able to see it.

It is a landscape image of the remains filled with all of the current Ogushi.

This work is recorded and produced at 24pN.